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Man stabbed during Pond Creek road rage incident

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POND CREEK, Okla. - A case of road rage in Pond Creek sent a man to the hospital with stab wounds early Monday morning.

Right now, his attacker is still on the street.

“A lot of people are very shocked about what happened,” said Jessica Williams, a Pond Creek resident.

Two men told police they were driving along Highway 60 when a man behind the wheel of a silver car caught their attention.

“He was swerving all over the road, speeding up, slowing down,” said Pond Creek Interim Chief Michael Payne.

Eventually, the car came to a stop and the two men pulled up behind it.

“Passenger got out and made contact with the driver,” Payne said.

Police said words were exchanged then things turned violent just feet away from the school.

“The next thing he knew, his buddy was getting sliced open and stabbed in the chest. So, he ran out, and I guess the suspect got in his vehicle and took off in an unknown direction of travel, and the driver put his buddy back in the passenger’s seat and rushed him to the hospital,” Payne said.

“It is scary. I don't live very far away from it, and the fact that it happened in front of our school is very scary,” Williams said.

The weapon used is believed to be a box cutter.

Police said the stabbing victim is recovering and they are thankful that is the case.

“Somebody could have been killed rather than just hurt,” Payne said.

Now, they are spreading the word about the dangers of road rage.

“Rather than letting road rage get to you, keep that rage in. Keep that anger in. Get what information you can, description wise, and call law enforcement. Don't try to take it into your own hands,” Payne said.

Police said the suspect was driving a silver car.

Right now, they do not know the make or model of it.

Officers are asking nearby businesses and residents to check their surveillance cameras if they have them.

The stabbing victim is 25 years old.

Police are not releasing his name or the name of his friend.

Police told NewsChannel 4 they actually did not know about the road rage incident until they got a call from the hospital.