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Woman claims dog food sickened 3 dogs, led to death of another

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WASHOUGAL, Wash. – A woman says she is devastated after her four dogs became ill after eating canned dog food last weekend.

Nikki Mael told KATU that she fed her four dogs Evanger’s Hunk of Beef with au jus.

Just minutes later, all four of her dogs began acting strangely.

“They were falling over. So I grabbed them all and took them to the emergency vet. And when they got there, they were just limp. They weren’t moving or anything. And so they were in the ICU. Tito and Talula ate the most and Talula passed away,” Mael said.

Now, Mael says one of her dogs suffers from seizures.

Evanger’s told KATU that they are launching an investigation and are testing other cans from the same case.

“We at Evanger’s are deeply horrified about this. We take the safety and quality of our products as top priority. We need to investigate and act upon this issue immediately and would require the LOT code found on the bottom of the can. Please email or get in contact with us. We also feed our own dog, Lilly, this food,” a statement to KATU read.

The company also donated the full amount that Mael was fundraising.