Watch: Deer rescued after being trapped on frozen river for hours

SIMSBURY, Conn. – A wild rescue was caught on tape after a deer was chased onto an icy river in Connecticut.

According to WTIC, the deer was likely chased onto the ice by a pack of coyotes.

For more than an hour, the deer struggled to scoot closer to shore, but was not able to make it to the bank on its own.

A rescue attempt was stopped after crews realized the ice was too thin to hold a human.

Wildlife experts threw sand onto the ice to help the deer gain traction to stand up, but it was unsuccessful.

Eventually, a rescuer was able to lower herself onto the ice and toss a blanket over the deer’s head.

After slipping a few times back onto the icy river, they were able to get the deer on solid ground.

Wildlife officials say they believe the deer will be OK, but say she needs to rest so they are continuing to check on her until she regains her strength,