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Serial burglary suspect arrested in Texas

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EDMOND, Okla. - Gregorio Quilimaco Seniors' crime spree came to an end in Gray County, Texas.

He was pulled over more than 200 miles way.

"What got our suspect caught was another family member doing burglaries in a different state. They were swapping stolen property, and that's what lead to their arrest," said Edmond Police Sgt. James Hamm.

Deputies pulled over Quilimaco and discovered drugs and stolen property inside his car.

Investigators also uncovered surveillance video of the suspect trying to pawn stolen property.

"Officers in Texas discovered several pieces of property that are linked to burglaries in our city and Logan County from last year in October and November," Hamm said.

One of those break-ins involved an Oklahoma City police officer.

The intruder took guns, uniforms and other equipment.

"We were very concerned about the property taken from an officer's home. Any time a criminal gets that in their hands, it can be dangerous and can be used for who knows what," Hamm said.

Soon after the surveillance video aired, citizens began calling police.

They were able to identify Quilimaco but, according to court records, "they wished to remain anonymous because they feared the Quilimacos would retaliate against them."

Quilimaco and his brother are now in custody in Texas.

They are facing a mountain of felony charges and, if convicted, a lengthy prison sentence.

"No matter where he is, it's good to get him off the streets and get some of the property that belongs to these victims," Hamm said.