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“That could have been my mom,” Good Samaritan chases down purse snatchers

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An unsuspecting hero came to a woman's aide at a local fast food restaurant.

The woman was eating lunch with her daughter when two men ran off with her purse.

It happened at Taco Bell on N.W. 21st in Oklahoma City.

“I come into Taco Bell to place my order,” said Chad Shuford. “I heard a woman saying no, no, no. I did have the thought I hope these guys don’t have a gun. But, it didn’t slow me down any" - not for a second.

Shuford stepped up when his chance to help became clear.

While grabbing lunch Monday, he saw two men grab the purse of the 65-year-old woman off a table.

Her daughter tried to run after them.

“My first instinct is she’s is not going to be able to chase them and I think that I can,” he said. “That could have been my mom.”

He chased the suspect outside the store, over fences, past a paint store and into yards.

“Once these guys realized that people weren’t going to stop chasing after them, they just left the purse abandoned,” Shuford said.

That’s when a second Good Samaritan from the paint store stepped in with a little back-up.

"I went back to see if the purse was dropped. I found the purse and brought it back to the owner."

Minutes later, with the help of Shuford, police had the two suspects in handcuffs - Austin and Devin Canales locked up.

Appreciation for the two Good Samaritans poured out.

“They were grateful, and they hugged me and told me thank you, and it felt good inside,” Shuford said.

Both suspects are being charged with one count of larceny.