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Thieves ride off with 3 metro kids’ 4-wheelers

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YUKON, Okla. - Police are looking for the thieves who stole 4-wheelers from three metro children.

It was quite the surprise when they woke up Christmas morning.

Maddax Lehman, 6, and 12-year-old Jadyn Staonaker got new ATVs, and their brother Clayton Lehman’s was fixed up to run again.

"It's a 500 Polaris," Clayton told News Channel 4.

Tuesday, Clayton could not wait to get home from school to ride it.

It is how he wanted to spend his afternoon celebrating his 12th birthday.

Instead, he got shocking news that ended in birthday blues.

"I got in the car, and I was excited, and they were like here's a tissue, and I was wondering what it was for, and then they told me and I was sad," Clayton said.

His parents told him and his siblings all of their 4-wheelers had been stolen in the middle of the night.

"I got upset," Jadyn said.

"Mad," Maddax said.

"It's like someone taking your heart and ripping it in half," Clayton said.

It is also heartbreaking because each of the kids saved their own money to help buy the 4-wheelers.

"It took me a lot of summers to get there. I worked for my Papa Lehman," Clayton said.

"You put hard work into something, then they just take it,” Jadyn said. “Now, like, you did all that for nothing.”

If there is any silver lining, the three have learned a valuable lesson.

"We told them already: this is why you don't steal, this is how it feels - it sucks," said mother Heather Lehman.

Now, they are hoping whoever stole from them learns a lesson of their own.

"I'd like to see them get locked up for a lot of years," Clayton said.

The family’s broken down go-cart was also stolen.

The thefts happened sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning near South Cimarron Rd. and S.W. 29th in Yukon.

The family is asking nearby residents and businesses to check their surveillance cameras in hopes of getting a suspect vehicle description.