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“Why a stuffed animal?” Thieves break into Oklahoma flower shop to steal teddy bears

MARIETTA, Okla. – Police in Marietta are searching for two thieves who allegedly stole several large stuffed animals from an Oklahoma flower shop.

Rodney Pennington told KTEN that he can’t believe he was targeted by thieves again.

“Why me, again?” he said.

In January of 2016, Rodney’s Flower Shop was hit by thieves who stole all the money from the cash register.

Exactly one year later, a pair of thieves hit the store but had a much different target.

“Why a stuffed animal? And who knows why they would take something of that value when there are so many other things that could have been taken,” he said.

In all, the alleged thieves stole nine extra large stuffed animals that were priced at around $250 a piece.

Now, Pennington not only will have to replace the stolen merchandise but also pay $2,500 to replace display windows that were damaged.