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Dramatic video shows Kansas trooper narrowly escaping injury as semi-truck loses control on icy interstate

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A Kansas Highway Patrol trooper narrowly steered clear of injury on a Kansas interstate Sunday morning when the driver of a semi-truck lost control at a median crossing, police said.

The dramatic video was captured on the patrol car dashcam and later posted to Twitter and Facebook.

Dramatic video of Trooper Poland from earlier today. He was traveling east on I-70 in Russell County as a semi-truck, driving too fast for the conditions, loses control and almost hits him. Thankfully Trooper Poland had a quick reaction and no one was hurt.

Please SLOW DOWN and gauge the road mile by mile. Just because it’s not icy where you are, does not mean it may not be icy 20 miles down the road. Again, if you don’t need to drive please STAY HOME. #BeSafe

The incident happened as the Trooper was traveling east in Russell County on Interstate 70.

No one was hurt in the incident.