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Jail officer loses job, charged with crimes over Tylenol pills

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Now former officer Cheyne Count thought he was helping an inmate who had a broken tooth.

WALWORTH COUNTY, Wis. – For the past 12 years, Cheyne Count has been a jail officer for Walworth County.

However, that long-term job suddenly ended because of four Tylenol tablets.

“I don’t have any more of this story. It was over Tylenol,” Count told WISN.

Count was fired last May after being caught giving Tylenol to a work-release inmate who had a broken tooth. Count says he asked for the inmate to be sent to an emergency room, but that request was denied.

“I was there to provide safety and wellness to the inmates- that’s my job. I thought that’s what I was doing,” he said.

He was asked to resign and then charged with two felonies for encouraging a probation violation and disorderly conduct. Those were eventually reduced to misdemeanors.

Court documents show that jail supervisors thought the inmate was using the broken tooth as an excuse to go the same emergency room as his mother, who was also an inmate at the time.

Count says he was just trying to help someone he thought was in pain. Now, he is hoping the charges against him will be dropped.