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Norman man convicted of rape pleads guilty after violating probation

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NORMAN, Okla. – An Oklahoma man who pleaded no contest to raping a girl is back behind bars.

In 2014, authorities arrested Tristen Kole Killman-Hardin for two counts of first-degree rape.

Court records show Killman-Hardin was accused of raping a girl, who was intoxicated, after she accepted a ride home from him.

She told authorities she remembered little about the remainder of the evening, but awoke the next day with vaginal and anal discomfort.

Later that day, someone sent her a video that showed her being sexually assaulted in Killman’s vehicle.

Killman-Hardin allegedly told authorities he knew that the victim was intoxicated and that he had sex with her anyway.

In 2015, Killman-Hardin pleaded no contest to the two counts of rape and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with the last eight years suspended.

Records from the Department of Corrections show that Killman-Hardin only served one year and two months behind bars.

He was released from prison on Aug. 12, 2016.

Less than three months later, Killman-Hardin was arrested for violating his probation. Authorities say he entered a safety zone around Norman North, and he told them he was waiting for a friend.

On Thursday, he pleaded guilty to being a sex offender violating the safety zone.

A judge decided to sentence him to one year behind bars, but his suspended sentence remains in place.