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Oklahoma woman arrested after allegedly kidnapping door-to-door saleswoman

Credit; Tulsa County Jail

OWASSO, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman was arrested on an array of charges following a bizarre crime.

According to KJRH, police arrested 44-year-old Karan Rebitzke after she allegedly kidnapped a door-to-door salesperson and held the woman against her will.

Authorities allege that Rebitzke invited a saleswoman into her home on Thursday, and then started ranting about religion and God.

The victim told police that she tried to leave several times, but Rebitzke blocked the door and would not let her out.

After about an hour, the victim told officers that she was able to escape from the home.

However, she claimed that Rebitzke, who was nude, then began chasing her.

Police arrested Rebitzke on complaints of kidnapping, assault and battery and obstructing or interfering with a police officer.