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Couple’s maternity photo creates funny optical illusion

Here’s a sweet photo of a smiling, bearded man in a snapback posing with his hands tenderly on his baby bump in an outdoor nature setting – well, kind of.

Brittney and Malcolm Fontenot are expecting a baby soon and, like most couples, had a maternity photoshoot.

Photographer Nicki Kaylor captured the moment above, creating a funny optical illusion that has many doing a double-take.

In it, Malcolm’s head and Brittney’s body behind a tree make it appear as though he is the one pregnant instead of her.

“Literally. The. Best. Maternity Shot. Ever.” Kaylor captioned the Facebook photo, which has been shared over 3,300 times since January 10.

In a second photo posted over a week later, it’s finally revealed the ripped jeans, calf-high boots and baby bump were truly on the right Fontenot all along.