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Graphic images: Piles of dead animals sparks investigation into Oklahoma hog farm

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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. - The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture is investigating a Holdenville hog farm after neighbors complained about piles of dead hogs laid out in the open.

Alicia Castaneda said it has been a problem since April of 2015.

“They've just kind of been letting dead hogs pile up and not really disposing of them like they`re supposed to,” Castaneda said.

She showed pictures of the dead animals to NewsChannel 4.

“Just last week there was probably 8-10. Dozens of piglets,” Castaneda recalled. “It`s just disgusting. Luckily it`s winter and it doesn't smell too bad, but this summertime it was disgusting. You can only imagine 100 plus degrees and dead rotting hogs that are just busting open.”

The sight is not far from her home and right next to the ranch she visits nearly every day.

She also claims the hog farm is pumping manure into their pond where their cattle drink.

The Department of Agriculture confirmed it is looking into the complaints, but would not comment any further.

“I really think something serious needs to happen. For them to realize. This is not okay. This is not how a hog farm should be run,” Castaneda said.

NewsChannel 4 called the owners of the farm Friday, but our calls were not immediately returned.