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Oklahoma City house fire kills one, injures 3 others

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Folks in a S.W. Oklahoma City neighborhood heard glass shattering and screams for help.

"I could see flames 10 feet higher than the house in front," witness Steve Curtess told us.

The smoke and flames were too intense for anyone to get inside the house.

Rosalio Porras works across the street.

"We seen a bunch of black smoke coming out. We got closer, and it was real bad - a bunch of smoke coming out. All right here was all smokey," Porras said.

The eyewitness said he ran across the street and cut open the gate, so fire fighters could get to the small house behind the main residence at 51st and Western.

"When our guys got here, they saw heavy fire coming out of a front window," said fire department spokesman Benny Fulkerson.

Crews knocked down the flames then tended to several burn victims.

Curtess watched from his driveway.

"I saw three men brought out. Two looked pretty badly burned. The third wasn't burned near as much as the others," he said.

And, the scene became even more grim when another victim was found inside the house, about 10 feet from the front door.

It was Oklahoma City's second fatal fire already this year.

"We try the best we can but, every time something like this happens, we think, well, there was one we missed," Fulkerson said. "How did we miss that one? Did they have working smoke alarm? I don't know. We didn't hear any. Was it an accidental fire? If so, could it have been prevented?"

There are many unanswered questions.

Because a woman died, homicide investigators will join the search for clues.

"Our guys are looking for cause of fire. Police are looking for foul play or something of that nature. We work together on these," Fulkerson said.

And, grieving friends and family are relying on faith to see them through.