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Teen catapulted into unstable life after parents pass away less than a year apart

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"You have to cross the road or you get smashed," 16-year-old Tyrese said.

When we met up with Tyrese, we played air hockey, got on a motorcycle and shot at aliens.

All that destruction helped work up quite an appetite.

"Let's see. Let me get more macaroni,” Tyrese said.

From looking at his plate, you can tell he loves mac and cheese.

But we learned Tyrese also has an appetite for reading. Specifically, comic books.

Deadpool is his favorite character.

"I've liked him since I was little. I had one of his comics for a long time."

Tyrese will be 17 in April.

He's hoping to get a job at a comic book store so he can buy a car.

A muscle car, like an old Camaro, is one he'd like to get.

He has a diverse taste in music too.

He likes Tupac, but also enjoys rock group Papa Roach and Christian group Skillet.

We'll need to introduce him to another musician with The Channel 4 Band. That's because we learned Tyrese also loves Kevin Ogle.

"I watch your show every night and I just want to say you're the best,” Tyrese shouts out to Kevin Ogle.

Tyrese actually grew up in a stable environment until recently.

"Both my parents I lived with for a long time died."

His mother and father died less than a year ago.

"I was with them since I was a baby."

The only parents he ever really knew gone just as Tyrese is getting closer to becoming an adult. He's now learning how to live in a group home.

A child now racing to find a place to call home.


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