Warmer temperatures to stick around through the weekend!

Marcum’s Nursery – The best time to plant trees are when they are dormant.

At Marcum’s Nursery, we plant trees 365 days a year, but the best time to do it is when they are dormant. A tree sort of goes under surgery, or anesthetic. It doesn’t know anything is happening to it in the dormant season and you can move it or transport it. It’s always better to get the tree planted in the ground and when spring comes along, it wakes up and doesn’t even know it’s been transplanted, and it’s just off and going again. It’s better than doing it in the heat of the year when it’s full of leaves.

So, keep that in mind whenever you’re talking about planting trees in your yard or around your business.

Good luck in planting your trees and remember dormant season is good.

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