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Whoops! Department of Education misspells educator’s name, apology includes typo

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Education is facing criticism for misspelling the name of W.E.B. Du Bois on Twitter.

The Sunday tweet quoted the author and civil rights icon, but spelled his name De Bois instead of Du Bois.

Several hours later, the U.S. Department of Education posted the quote with the correct spelling and sent out a tweet with an apology.

However, that apology also contained a grammatical error.

“Post updated- our deepest apologizes for the earlier typo,” the tweet read.

It has since been deleted and corrected.

Many Twitter users caught the mistakes, tweeting back to the department’s account.

While most pointed out that typos on social media happen, they said it was ironic coming from the agency in charge of the country’s education system.

A spokesperson for the agency told the Chicago Sun Times that a new review process is being put in place to prevent future errors from occurring.

Du Bois was an African-American sociologist, writer and activist. After earning his degree at Harvard University, Du Bois became a founding officer of the NAACP, wrote 19 books and edited four magazines. He died in 1963.