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29th Street Dental Care: What are fast braces?

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I have a lot of patients that are concerned about getting braces and they want straight teeth and they want that beautiful smile but their just not sure they want to be in braces that long. They know people that have been in braces two, three, four, some even five years. That’s why I got excited about this very brand new technology called Fast Braces.

Fast Braces is different than traditional braces because with traditional braces they remove the crown of the tooth and then the root of the tooth. However, with this new technology in Fast Braces, we remove the root of the tooth and the crown of the tooth at the exact same time, so we’re able to shorten the number of visits. So, therefore, someone who might take three or four years to have straight teeth we might be able to do it in as little as ten months. Some patients in as little as six to seven months.

Like I said, it’s a new technology but it’s been around for the last 20 years and it’s had over 10 years worth of University studies showing that it’s safe and effective. The other nice thing about Fast Braces, a lot of people would do braces but they don’t want it to take quite as long. We can shorten the time frame with Fast Braces, and because the time frame is shortened we can pass the savings on to you. So, if you’re interested in Fast Braces technology and you think this is something you’d like to have, please give us a call or look us up on the web at chickashadentist.com, click on the Fast Braces logo and check us out. Thank you.

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