Oklahoma nurse aide wanted after leaving residents soaked in urine

PERKINS, Okla. – Officials in Perkins, along with the Payne County DA’s Office, have filed the felony charge of neglect by caretaker against a 38-year-old certified nurse aide.

Michelle McDaniel, the overnight shift employee at Redbud Assisted Living, is believed to have failed to change two of the residents’ undergarments, resulting in both residents having wet and dry urine in their clothes.

The two residents were discovered by another employee who came in the next morning when day-shift staff had reported for duty and made their first rounds.

That employee found one of the residents partially off his bed with one set of briefs around his knees, and another set of briefs, soaked in urine, around his waist.

The Executive Director of Redbud Assisted Living informed police immediately about the incident.

She said McDaniel was required to check on the residents every two hours.

McDaniel had even signed off on checking the residents on a log.

Officials were told McDaniel had offered the excuse she called for help when she was confronted about the conditions of the two residents.

McDaniel’s employment was terminated the day after the incident.

Authorities have not been able to make contact with her.