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Oklahoma military mom up for major award

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"There's Kit Kats in here for when my dad comes home and I've been taking three,” six-year-old Tyler said.

He thinks if he takes more, the quicker his air force father will come home.

"It helps to get on a routine. We try to keep things as normal for the kids as possible,” Chrichelle Fernandez said.

Chrichelle Fernandez is a military mom.

Her husband has been in the Air Force for more than a decade as a flight engineer.

She's learned how to settle into life not knowing when her husband will be sent away.

But as a mom with a six-year-old, challenges still exist.

"Special events like at school, that my husband can't be at, so I've made sure to invite friends and neighbors and they've helped supported us."

And she believes support from others is the best way to tackle being a military spouse.

That's why she created “Task Force 960th,” a volunteer program to help military families with day to day life while their loved one is away.

"I had a spouse whose fence blew over. One of my other spouses, her air conditioning went out. It was great to know that we could provide that support in our squadron family,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez started it before storm season last year.

This program is one of the reasons she was awarded Key Spouse of the Year for Tinker Air Force Base and is now nominated for the national title.

She's hoping to share her program with the rest of the country and share insight into a day in the life of a military family member.

"If you have a friend or a neighbor who has a spouse that's deployed just reach out to them. Just say hi, check on them, invite them to coffee,” Fernandez said.

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