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Oklahoma restaurant fires 12 employees who participated in ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ protest

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Catoosa restaurant fires 12 after Day Without Immigrants protest

CATOOSA, Okla. – A restaurant in northeast Oklahoma is causing controversy after firing 12 employees who participated in ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ protest.

The protest went nationwide as those who participated wanted to show how important immigrants are to the United States.

The 12 Hispanic employees were fired from the ‘I Don’t Care Bar and Grill’ in Catoosa.

Management said the employees never showed up for work and did not call in.

The owner of the restaurant says he has a zero tolerance policy in place for those who are a “no call, no show.”

The boss fired the employees via text message and said, ” You and your family are fired. I hope you enjoyed your day off and you can enjoy many more. Love you.”

While some are in agreement with how the situation was handled, many are also critiquing the restaurant.

“If you have 12 people who feel strongly and want to make a stand, I think management should have taken a look at that and at least stood by them or give them some time,” Catherine Bishop of Broken Arrow told Fox 23.

After the incident, the restaurant posted on their Facebook that they were now hiring.