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CLINTON, OKLAHOMA -- It still happens with some of the old timers.

Someone will wander in to the Strayhouse for a bucket of nails or a pick-up load of two-by-fours then suddenly stop at the smell of coffee or the aroma of something fresh-baked behind the glass.

"It's basically about availability," says new owner Geoff Park.

It's only been a little over a year since he and wife Annie began turning the old T and H Lumber Yard into a coffee-house, bakery, breakfast and lunch spot, and gift shop.

"It's kind of eclectic with odds and ends," describes Annie. "This isn't the lumber yard anymore."

The first lumber yard occupied 5th Street before cars did.

In the 1920's Longbill was the Lowe's of its day.

the old T and H sign is still out front, but the Parks saw something different when they bought this deserted half-acre on the cheap.

Geoff says, "We just blew it all out and went back to the original trusses. These date back to 1907."

They parked their coffee trailer here first.

Geoff is a former accountant turned contractor so he started building.

On a walk through of the property Geoff points and says, "We'd eventually like to have a big bakery in here."

The coffee bar came first, then the gift shop.

Jenn Mosburg will move into this old lumber bay turned yoga studio later this spring.

"It's cool to make something really old into something new," she says. "I feel like I'm part of something really big here."

Geoff still does the books and swings the hammer.

He even made use of some of the old lumber left when T and H moved out to the highway.

There's only one builder who stops by regularly now and it's Geoff himself, who still has plans to build this place out.

Future plans include, "kind of a bed and breakfast where you can come and stay here," he says.

Creating a different kind of traffic than this corner has ever seen before.

The Strayhouse Espresso and Bakery opened as a walk-in business in September of 2016.

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