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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- There aren't too many people who get to climb into a 1959 Corvette like this and take it for a spin.

"I might drive a Ferrari this morning, a Porsche Turbo this afternoon, or a mid-year Corvette," boasts Eric Joiner

For a guy like Eric it's all part of the job.

"With me," he smiles. "I can't get attached."

He's the man responsible for bringing 46 old and exotic cars to the annual Leake Auction in Oklahoma City.

He brings them and he parks them too.

Joiner admits, "That's the fun part of my job."

He works for a company in Alabama called Leaded Gas Classics.

Eric insists these kinds of machines are like thoroughbred horses in that they need exercise.

"Absolutely," he says. "You need to take them out and stretch their legs at least every couple of weeks."

So over the course of his career he's driven thousands of really nice cars, the kind that collectors will pay high prices for.

His favorites, like most people, come from the cars he most wanted as a kid.

"You like the 60's, loud, leaded cars?" asks an auction visitor.

"I love them," responds Joiner. "I like all of them. If you're a car guy you love all the cars."

The trucks come pulling in full of treasure on four wheels.

Great care is taken with getting them safely off-loaded.

Each contains just enough fuel to get them started and into the arena.

Over a full weekend people will drool over them and some will invest in them.

Eric argues the return on this kind of sheet metal is immediate.

"If you put your money in the stock market you don't see it," he says. "You just see your statement every month. If you've got your money in your garage you can take it out. You can drive it to the golf course. You can take it to the cruise in on Saturday night."

The next best thing to owning one might be driving all of them, even for just a little while.

The annual Oklahoma City Leake Auction is February 24 - 26 at the new Bennett Building at the Fairgrounds.

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