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Tulsa police officer takes 10-year-old to school’s father-daughter dance

Tulsa police officer takes girl to father-daughter dance

TULSA, Okla. – A Tulsa police officer went above the call of duty when it came to helping 10-year-old Adrienne Burke.

Katie Burke is a single mother of four and recently learned that her 10-year-old daughter, Adrienne, was having a rough time.

“I really needed to reach out to a man, fatherly figure,” Burke told FOX 23.

However, she didn’t have any family nearby so she asked a police officer.

One day after work, Tulsa Police Officer Amley ‘Popsey’ Floyd stopped by the family’s home in Coweta to talk to Adrienne.

A couple of weeks later, Adrienne had another request for Officer Floyd.

She wanted him to escort her to her school’s father-daughter dance.

“For like two or three weeks, I was practicing for like the ‘Juju On That Beat,” said Floyd.

To help with his dance moves, he asked other kids in areas that he patrols for a little guidance.

Floyd says the pair had a great time at the dance, adding that it is a memory they will both cherish forever.