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BETHANY, OKLAHOMA -- If cooking is chemistry then the best chemistry has to be candy.

Annette Gunter is chief chemist in this very small candy making operation.

For much of the past 4 years the alchemy of fudge has been her chief area of study, a huge departure from her past studies in law and teaching law at the university level.

"I needed something that would give me some flexibility," says Annette.

Okay, so it was Annette's mom Imalee Crow who suggested fudge as a new career choice.

Imalee recalls, "I saw some equipment for sale and we started researching from there."

Annette was the one who got to work in the kitchen.

Imalee took over packaging and distribution out of their very small shop in Bethany.

But chemistry was still the key.

"Have you always gotten along pretty good," asks a shop visitor?

"Most of the time," chuckles Annette.

"We have our differences," smiles Imalee.

"It's a little close in here," adds Annette.

They're busiest from fall through Christmas, but with Sam's Club joining their client list they're up to their elbows in fudge all the time now.

They don't even get a chance to sample their product any more.

"We are just a two-man operation," they agree.

Annette says the best fudge is smooth and creamy.

Leave it on the heat too long and the sugar begins to crystallize.

Take it off too soon and the mixture won't firm up.

Annette and Imalee have always had good chemistry together no matter what they added to the mixture.

Today it's caramel in one batch, peanut butter in the other.

But it's still fudge at the center.

Fudge, and family.

For a list of the flavors made by Sweet Prairie Home Signature Fudge and where it's sold in Oklahoma go to their website at