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New details released in Oklahoma City officer-involved shooting

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A suspect shot and killed over the weekend after a chase with law enforcement was driving a stolen truck.

An OHP trooper originally tried to pull the truck over around 6:45 Saturday morning near I-240 and Air Depot for a broken tag light.

The driver led the trooper on a chase, and an Oklahoma City police officer joined in for backup.

It finally came to an end in the front yard of a house at S.E. 32nd and Kelley.

The driver, George Lee Seeton, 38, lost control trying to make a turn and ended up in the yard.

The officer and trooper exited their vehicles and approached the truck.

That's when officials said Seeton started reversing towards them.

"Went in the direction of the officers. Both the trooper and the officer discharged their weapons, striking the suspect," said Captain Paco Balderrama with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

They tried to revive Seeton, but he died at the scene.

The owner of the stolen truck said he didn't even recognize it when he saw it on the news.

"It had been repainted, the running boards stripped off it, the camper shell gone and it had been driven 100 miles an hour. I didn't know my truck would run a hundred miles an hour, as old as it is, an '89 but, evidently, it does," said Hugh McDonald.

McDonald said the truck was stolen from the Home Depot parking lot at I-240 and Shields on February 22.

"It's mind-boggling when you look at the spot where it was, and it's gone, so he was pretty good at what he does," McDonald said. "We understand it's not messed up inside from what happened. And, so, the detective seemed to think it's driveable, so we will bring it home."

McDonald said this is actually the third time the truck has been stolen.

"It's hard to hold onto, very hard to hold onto. We thought about just letting them have it and forget it. But, this time, we got it back, and it's still in one piece," he said.

Seeton has a long criminals history, including serving prison time for drug charges and kidnapping.

Both the OHP trooper and Oklahoma City police officer are on routine administrative leave, pending the investigation.