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Graphic: Parents seek answers after teen with special needs allegedly attacked outside bowling alley

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EL RENO, Okla - A teen is still recovering after being attacked outside a bowling alley.

He has large gash on his head, one eye is swollen shut and he has a concussion.

His family said he’s also recovering from the emotional pain of what happened.

“You can see 5 or 6 guys stomp him, after he’s been knocked out, laying on the ground, covering his head,” said Robert, the victim’s father.

It’s a nightmare caught on video.

“It was a beating. They beat him for no reason,” said Amy, the victim’s step-mother.

A teenager with special needs was kicked and stomped over and over outside an El Reno bowling alley.

His dad and step-mom said the 17-year-was hanging out at the bowling alley Friday night with friends.

“I guess, some kids were picking at him, so he was going to leave and walk home, walking away from the situation, and they followed him out back,” Amy said.

At that point, they said the group continued the bullying outside.

When they questioned the bowling alley manager about what might have happened inside, they were told their son exchanged words with some of the other teens.

“But, even if he did, he never physically tried to fight, and that’s part of being autistic. You say things that are socially awkward sometimes. But, I feel like these kids have known him long enough to know that,” Amy said.

No one knows how long the attack lasted, but the teen made it home and to the hospital.

His family fears, even after his wound heal, there are somethings that won’t.

“I feel like they took away the one thing from him that he could do and have peace with. He can’t do many things on his own. They took that security, and he will never be the same,” Amy said.

El Reno police tell us they have identified two teens in the video.

They are 13 and 14 years old.

Police said they are turning charges of assault and battery over to the DA’s office but, if you recognize anyone else in the video, to call El Reno police.