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Country boy hoping for a kind family with a farm

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Skyler is a 15-year-old boy who loves caring for animals and dreams of living on a farm.

"We ride horses, and that's my favorite thing to do,” Skyler said.

After riding horses his entire life, Skyler says he feels grateful he can still ride at his group home.

"I love to be on farms because I was raised on a farm, and it was pretty fun," he said.

It's been four years since he went into DHS custody, but he looks forward to the future with an adoptive family.

"I want to go to a family where they have animals and stuff because that's my favorite thing to do. I love animals," he said.

He loves the country life, and the Wild West when it comes to movies.

"I like the Lone Ranger, John Wayne, Rifleman, Tonto. I know all of the westerns,” Skyler said. "My favorite western person is John Wayne."

However, there is more to Skyler than just being a country boy.

This compassionate and friendly young man enjoys playing games and being outdoors.

“I like baseball a lot because I have my own bat and stuff," he said.

He hopes that his future family will include someone he can play sports with when there is some down time.

"Because I've never had a brother in my life. I've always only had sisters,” Skyler said.

Despite going through a lot of trauma in his life, Skyler is very resilient and is hoping for a permanent family.

"Good parents. Someone who doesn't abuse me and treats me right," he said.

A child thrown into the DHS system with no way out unless he finds a place to call home.

Visit http://www.okdhs.org/ for more information on adopting a child or call 405.767.2955.

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