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OKLAHOMA CITY - It was a scene from a bad dream, but Luis Torres said he awoke to find a stranger in his home.

Police said it looks like 57-year-old Robert Stone broke in to Torres' apartment and came face-to-face with Torres' roommate, who was sleeping on the couch.

“I went to the living room and tried to see what was going on. And, actually, he was fighting. So, I turned the lights on to see it was a guy with a mask and gloves,” Torres said.

Torres said, during the scuffle, Stone allegedly picked up a bucket and shoved it in the roommate's face, chipping his tooth.

“He was trying to run away, and we pushed him into the laundry room, and we kept him there for like five minutes or a little more, just fighting with him and tried to stop him,” Torres said.

Despite the struggle, Torres said the man begged them to let him go.

“He was trying to say 'I'm in the wrong house, I'm in the wrong house.' And, I said, 'Yes, you are in the wrong house,'” Torres said.

Authorities arrested Stone, but this wasn't his first run-in with law enforcement.

Court documents show his criminal record spans as far back as three decades for crimes like drug possession and first-degree burglary.

Torres said, after this incident, he is thinking about moving.

However, he said, if something like this happened again, he believes he would be ready to defend himself.

“Just trying to figure out what to do, and I saw the opportunity, and I had to do something and I just don't think about it, just do it,” he said.