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Firefighters from across the state battle wildfires Monday night and Tuesday morning near the towns of Protection and Ashland. Thousands of acres were burned by wind driven fires. (video by Bo Rader /

CLARK COUNTY, Kan. – An Oklahoma man has died after being overcome by smoke from wildfires in Kansas.

The Kansas Highway Patrol says that 39-year-old Corey P. Holt was driving a semi-truck northbound on a Kansas highway when smoke and dust blocked his view of the roadway.

At that point, investigators say Holt tried to back up due to the poor visibility, but the semi-truck jackknifed.

Authorities say Holt couldn’t move the truck, so he got out of the vehicle.

However, troopers say Holt then succumbed to the smoke from the wildfires before he was found. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died.