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Surprise! Pink poo a side effect of eating new Peep-flavored Oreos

Bored? A new Peep-flavored Oreo with pink marshmallow filling could sure liven things up with a colorful surprise!

Folks are turning to Twitter to reveal their rose-colored "experiences" after consuming Oreo's latest cookie.

The ingredients include the artificial color FD&C Red #3, which, despite controversy over it's safety, has been deemed safe enough to keep in our food supply, unlike Red #1, Red #2, and Red #4.

Red #3 is the same ingredient that Consumerist states was found in the 1970's version of General Mills Franken Berry cereal, which produced a similar "strawberry ice cream" aftermath.

And just in case you have an ounce of appetite left, here's another fun fact:  Burger King introduced a black-bunned-burger for Halloween in 2015 and social media hilarity quickly ensued.

The "end result" was not pink - but green - which even inspired its own Halloween costume.