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Man arrested after allegedly hitting flight attendant with paper ball at Oklahoma City airport

OKLAHOMA CITY - As many are celebrating 'International Women's Day' and participating in a 'Day Without a Woman' worldwide, a man has taken it upon himself to get arrested - after being rejected by a woman in Oklahoma City.

Police said the man was a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight arriving from Denver at Will Rogers World Airport Wednesday.

He had been flirting with the woman, a flight attendant, who just turned around and walked off.

Police said, while taxiing to a gate, the man wadded paper into a ball and threw it at the woman's face - quickly transitioning from hitting on her to hitting her.

That's when the woman signed a complaint against him, and he was escorted off the plane and arrested.

Police said the man was then issued a citation by the city, because the FBI did not take over the case.

In the end, he was escorted off the property and released.