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“I really haven’t had much of a family,” Teen looking for a home before she turns 18

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Kianna is a sweet teenager who is very open about her life and passion for her future.

She has less than six months before she turns 18 years old but said she is excited about the future.

"I always want to better myself. One day, I want to go back to all of the group homes and share my story, I guess,” Kianna said.

After she graduates, she wants to explore culinary arts and business so she can own her own bakery and restaurant.

Kianna already cooks for the girls at her group home once every two weeks.

It is a trait she learned while living with her grandmother.

"It would be like a week where you would cook the meals for the whole family, and so after that I just liked it," she said.

However, she said she never made a meal for her biological parents.

"I never met my mom or my dad. I don't even know my dad's name," Kianna said.

She said she doesn't care about meeting them but would love to get to know her siblings.

Kianna has been in DHS custody for seven years and doesn't feel like she knows what it means to have a family.

"I would like a family, like a long-term family, someone I can make a connection with," she said.

She is hoping to find that family before she turns 18 years old in August.

"I really haven't had much of a family while being in DHS. I've moved from placement to placement a lot. So, I figured I want to spend time to actually be able to have a family," she said.

She's a young, independent teen but is still looking for a family to give her a place to call home.

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