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Oklahoma City man accused of murdering beloved convenience store clerk found guilty

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The man accused of murdering a beloved convenience store clerk was found guilty this week.

In July 2013, a man known as “Mr. Nice Guy” Habib Hajimirzaei was killed on the job at the Four Seasons gas station.

“Mr. Nice Guy” Habib Hajimirzaei


At the time, police arrested Michael Devereaux for the murder.

Devereaux spent one week behind bars before authorities realized they had the wrong man.

A week later, a man named Darrien Clark was arrested after he allegedly shot a Bethany man and led police on a high-speed chase.

After Clark was arrested, police said they found evidence that tied him to Hajimirzaei’s murder.

This week, a jury found Clark guilty of first-degree murder.

Today, the jury listened to testimony to determine whether to recommend the death penalty for Clark.

Darrien Clark