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Oklahoma woman charged with animal cruelty after three horses found dead

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Warrant issued for woman charged with three animal deaths

GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman is accused of letting three horses die after she was not able to care for them.

Ashley Frost was charged with three counts of animal cruelty after deputies discovered the carcasses of three horses on her mother’s property.

Frost’s ex-husband told authorities that he wasn’t allowed on the property to care for them after they were divorced.

In January, deputies found the decaying carcass of one horse inside a barn and two others at the south end of the property.

“Anybody that doesn’t take care of them should be treated the same way as the animals,” Vicki Somers, a neighbor, told KXII.

According to court documents, Frost reportedly told deputies she couldn’t afford the vet bill for the horses when they became sick over a year ago. She says the three died a few months ago.

“If she didn’t have the money to take care of them and she got them in the divorce, she shouldn’t have kept them,” says Somers.

Two remaining horses are said to be in good condition.