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Possible scammers use fireman badge to get business

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - When spring hail rolls in, roofing contractors come out of the woodwork.

But, folks in a Midwest City neighborhood report two suspicious men, claiming to be firefighters.

"We don't send firefighters out to look for damage on a roof," Major David Richardson of Midwest City fire told us.

The men are equipped with a ladder, asking to inspect your roof for damage and file an insurance claim.

Authorities question their real motives.

"Men were trying to get access to her home and on the roof, using the guise of a firefighter. We don't know if they were in uniform or just saying they were firefighters, but they are trying to get business or access to the home," Richardson said.

Officials said the men are aggressive, returning multiple times to at least one house.

Thieves or flyby night roofers looking to drum up easy business? Midwest City police don't know for sure.

But, they are warning citizens to be vigilant who you let inside.

And, with spring only days away, bad weather and scammers won't be far behind.