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OKLAHOMA CITY - Blair Yadon has lived in his home on Tracy Drive for nearly a decade.

However, as of lately, what used to be a peaceful neighborhood in northwest Oklahoma City has been plagued with thieves.

“This is a quiet neighborhood, and I consider it to be safe, but instances like this can make you think differently of it and give the neighborhood a bad reputation,” said Yadon.

Yadon is talking about Tuesday morning when two men, Tommy and Terry Vail decided to show up to the neighborhood around 3 a.m.

“They were going door-to-door, they were actually checking mailboxes and also checking car doors,” said Oklahoma City PIO Travis Vernier.

The men continued doing this along Tracy Drive and Northwest 86th street, taking whatever they could find in the mailboxes.

A neighbor noticed the men grabbing mail and quickly called the police. Officers arrived to find Tommy and Terry Vail with a backpack full of stolen mail.

“We've located at least six victims that we believe had their mail stolen. Officers were able to make contact with them,” Vernier said.

After taking pictures of the evidence, police delivered the mail back to the victims.

But as for Yadon, he's not one of the six victims but he can't be sure if he wasn't a target before.

“That's the fear, I couldn't tell you if I was or if I wasn't, but in a case like this you don't know something's gone unless you're notified," he said.

Stealing mail is a federal crime.

Oklahoma City Police say they will consult with the postal inspector and see if the United States Postal Service wants to accept federal charges.

If not, the state will prosecute.