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Street piano rolls into Bricktown for you to play your favorite masterpiece

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OKLAHOMA CITY - This moving truck is about to unload keys to a more musical Bricktown.

The artist is you. An idea started by a local teen.

"We talked to people in the Bricktown Association, proposed the idea, and explained the idea. We actually went to Denver, which they do this project in Denver, and we met with the lady in charge of it in Denver and she helped us out with it,” Jacob Beesley said.

It's become a worldwide trend -- street pianos for anyone to play.

Beesley had the idea to bring it to Oklahoma City a year ago.

"I like playing piano, and I like playing pianos in different places. Even before this, it was a joke that if there was a piano in a place I would find it."

Months of preparation all coming to this moment.

A present for the public along Reno and Mickey Mantle Drive.

"We picked this plaza because it's a great central location. There's a ton of foot traffic, but there's nothing to do. It's just a walking path spot so we thought this would be a really cool spot to have a public piano,” Bricktown District Manager Mallory O’Neill said.

A local artist painted the piano. Her inspiration drawn from one of her favorite bands.

"I was just listening to Mr. Blue Sky by E.L.O. one day and I was like 'that is it. I'm going to paint Mr. Blue Sky on the piano,'” Poetry Jameson said.

This is actually the second piano Beesley put in Oklahoma City. You may have seen this one in the Plaza District.

A staple to the area drawing in families.

"Handed the child off to the wife and then he started playing 'House of the Rising Sun.' He played an amazing version of that, but then I've had a brother and sister do a duet of 'Heart and Soul' on it so it's been really cool to see all the people who've played it,” Beesley said.

No matter if you like to play favorite hits or original works, all is welcome on this corner in Bricktown.

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