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“My son has killed my wife,” Edmond police release emotional 911 call related to woman’s murder

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EDMOND, Okla. – Police have released more information on the death of a woman who was found dead inside a garage in Edmond.

Police were called to a home in the 500-block of Park Place, just south of the University of Central Oklahoma shortly before 9 p.m.

The caller told police he found his wife deceased in the garage of his house and believed his son, 17-year-old Joshua Thomas Bryant, was responsible for her death.

On Wednesday, the Edmond Police Department released the 911 call from the home.

Caller: "My son has killed my wife."

Dispatcher: "He killed your wife? How'd he kill your wife?"

Caller: "I don't know. I just found her. He had a crazy story and now he has stolen the car. I went looking for her and she's in the garage. She's been hit in the head. She's dead."

Throughout the call, the victim's husband is very emotional.

He told the dispatcher that when he got to the garage, he found her lying on the ground with a blanket over her head. When he lifted the blanket to see her, he could tell that she had been hit in the head.

He said he had no idea what sparked the violence, saying he was only gone for about 30 minutes.

When Edmond officers arrived on scene, they found a woman in the garage with injuries consistent with homicide.

Police immediately started looking for Bryant.

Joshua Thomas Bryant, 17

He was arrested by Blackwell police along I-35 just after midnight.

When police questioned Bryant, he reportedly told investigators that while his father was out of the house picking up another family member, he hit his stepmother, 54-year-old Katherine Bryant, in the head with a baseball bat, knocking her unconscious.

Katherine Byant, photo cropped from Facebook

He then admitted to dragging her to the garage and shooting her in the head with a rifle, officials say.

Joshua Bryant is being held on a complaint of first-degree murder.

He is expected to be charged as an adult.