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Update: The KFOR In Your Corner Team has a big surprise for one local senior citizen, the reaction is priceless

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Update 4/24/17 – Things are turning around for our friend, Marion Threatt.

Remember, the 69 year-old Veteran is living off about $700 a month and due to unforeseen plumbing repairs fell way behind on his utility bills.

We couldn’t believe he was living without running water and gas for 6 months.

Our team rallied the community.

TS Heat and Air, owner Terry Shinn, and right hand man Gabe, installed a brand new Lennox high-efficiency heat and air system and duct work.

“He just seemed to be really in need,” Terry said.

Hours after posting about Marion on Facebook donations were rolling in!

We got his water and gas turned back on! 

He can take hot showers now.

“First time in 6 months I cooked me something this morning on my stove,” Marion said.

We couldn’t have pulled this off without Dee Watts and The Salvation Army.

More help is on the way.

Marion didn’t have the money to repair his broken window.

Another human angel, Nate Dempster from HOME Contracting, wants to bless him with a new one. 

“Certain circumstances put people in situations and sometimes people just need to get to know people instead of judging them and then realize these people are deserving of a hand up and not a hand out,” he said.

A bunch of kind-hearted strangers showing up to show Marion someone does care!

We asked Sunbeam Family Services to help counsel our friend.

Director of Senior Services, Patrick O’Kane said, “I’d like to find out a little bit more about what your needs might be.”

More generous cash and food donations will help Marion with future bills and groceries.

Tiffany Gwynn and her crew from Tribe Gym opened up their hearts and pocketbooks.

“We wanted to raise a bit of money for you so we have a check for you today for around $1,000,” Tiffany said. “I hope that’s going to help you out a little bit.”

Marion says the best gift of all though is being shown respect.

“I got to thinking I was someone else, because no one else has called me sir this many times,” he said.

Marion might not realize it, but he is the true gift to us and the world.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team continues to help our neighbors in need.

Once again they are joining forces with a group of community partners that has also made it their mission to give back.

We heard 69 year-old Marion Threatt was really struggling and without a reliable heating and cooling system.

Wednesday, with the help of TS Heat and Air and owner Terry Shinn we pulled off another big surprise blessing Marion with the gift of hot and cool air.

“We heard your utility bills were on the high side, so we wanted to give you a new high-efficiency heating and air condition system,” Terri said.

All Marion could say was, “That’s cool. That’s real cool.”

Right now Marion's current system doesn't even blow cool air and the heat is a hit or miss.

“You have to kick it and then you have to wait for the whistling to stop,” he said. “It whistles, then you have to beat on it ‘til the whistle stops.”

Um, that is not cool!

Marion really deserves a new system.

This guy is so resilient and courageous.

He’s sober now. He spent 20 years trying to get clean.

The hardest part he says is, “Getting up. I caught Hepatitis C and it destroyed my kidneys.”

His knees and back are shot from all of his years doing construction.

Marion lives in pain and on about $700 a month.

He's a regular at the Salvation Army's food pantry.

“I knew he hadn't been feeling well,” Dee Watts of the Salvation Army said. “I knew he had a few health challenges, but not that extent.”

We know when we help others we help ourselves and our community.

“He probably needs more help than anyone else so far,” Terri said. “This is a blessing. It makes you feel good inside.”

Marion’s new heating and air system is on the way.

“God will take you to places you don't understand just to get you to place he needs you to be,” he said. “All you have to do is trust.”

Marion tells our team he was forced to spend thousands of dollars on plumbing repairs, which caused him to get way behind on bills.

He hasn't had running water in 5 months and his gas is turned off right now. 

Scott and our team are working to get him some additional financial help.