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“Somebody I can call mom and dad,” Teen talks about homeless past through music

DEL CITY, Okla. - Quinlan is 17-years-old and really wants to find a permanent family before he turns 18 in October.

NewsChannel 4 took him to Castle Row Studios with local rapper Jabee to write a song about his struggles living without a family.

It's where we learned more about this teen's heartbreaking past.

The first step was writing the lyrics.

“Seeing all of the struggles everyone went through and knowing that I wasn't ready yet to take on those responsibilities," Quinlan said.

A 17-year-old feeling like he has no one, trying to escape the harsh reality of being under DHS custody. Feeling lost without a family.

"You may not end up rapping or do music, but I do know those hard times and those difficult times, getting it out and writing about it, did help me,” Jabee said.

Now, those struggles are becoming a rap song.

"It's hard on the streets. Struggle is not knowing when you might eat. When you're homeless you really feel lost. Nobody cares if the food gets brought. Just a teen out on my own, not ready for what it takes to be grown. I feel so alone. I really wish I had a home,” Jabee raps.

A soundtrack of Quinlan's current life, but not his future one.

College, siblings and a family are all part of his next song.

"I want to try to go to regular school and be like every other kid and stuff like that. Like have a family and stuff. Somebody I can call mom and dad,” Quinlan said.

Ousted by his own family, now ready to start over again with a new one and a place to call home.

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