Beautiful weather ahead! Temps to be in upper 60s, lower 70s the next few days

Crews work to restore power across Oklahoma City, metro area

OKLAHOMA CITY – Thousands of people are waking up without power Saturday morning following strong storms.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department said a vehicle ran into a power pole just after around 7:15 a.m. at N.E. 36th and Kelley.

Power lines are now down in that area due to the incident.

Crews ask you to avoid the area of N.E. 36th to N.E. 42nd on Kelley.

OG&E has over 35,000 power outages.

To report an outage for OG&E call 405-272-9595

Caddo Electric

To report and outage for Caddo Electric call 1-800-868-8243

PSO (Public Service of Oklahoma)

To report an outage for PSO call 1-888-218-3919

Oklahoma Electric CoOp

To report an outage for Oklahoma Electric CoOp call 405-321-2024

Cimarron Electric CoOp

To report an outage for Cimarron Electric CoOp call 1-800-375-4121

Canadian Valley Electric

To report an outage for Canadian Valley Electric call 877-382-3680

Oklahoma Association of Electric Co-ops

Do not drive into high water! Turn around, don’t drown.