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Deer Creek firefighter runs marathon in honor of her husband

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OKLAHOMA CITY--Thousands of runners took to the streets Sunday for the 17th annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, many in memory of someone specific.

“My friend, Kaylene, she lost a friend in the bombing and we run for Jill,” said Evelyn Hawk. “It is the most peaceful, most amazing and it gives us strength to go on and to be strong and to remember those that lost their lives and the families that continue to suffer because of it.”

Tina Lewis ran in honor and memory of her husband, Kelly Lewis.

He didn’t lose his life in the bombing but he was there that day helping the victims.

The Deer Creek fire captain passed away suddenly last September.

“It’s been emotional. This has kind of been the kickoff saying my time for mourning is done and it’s time to move on,” said Lewis.

Tina Lewis also volunteers with Deer Creek Fire.

She and 6 fellow firefighters did the race in full gear, carrying Kelly Lewis’ helmet.

Lewis said Kelly never wanted to run the marathon before and she had finally convinced him to do it this year.

They were supposed to run it together.

She thought of him during the race.

“Just all the memories of him and just you know things that we would’ve experienced together today and things that he experienced back in 1995 and how emotional this day would’ve been for him,” said Lewis.

Definitely a run to remember; to remember the past but also to look with hope and confidence toward a brighter future.

“We thank God that we’re here and we’re alive and that we can educate our children so that violence can stop,” said Hawk.