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COYLE, Okla. – The sound of circular saws and drills were a common sound in the small town of Coyle Thursday afternoon.

From contractors to church parishioners, cutting up sheets of wood to cover broken windows of homes, churches and schools after a hail storm hit around 3:00 p.m.

“We had four windows on the front side of our elementary school busted out, we actually had kids in the classroom when that happened,” said Coyle Schools Superintendent Josh Sumrall. “Biggest hail I’ve witnessed.”

Sumrall said the hail came down heavier than the rain at points during the storm. Once it stopped, students and staff were moved to the storm shelters for safety. No students were injured and the damage shouldn’t impact students too much as Coyle operates on a four day school week and next week is the last week of school.

“I`m proud of our teachers and staff and student body for handling the situation,” said Sumrall.

The brief, but forceful hail storm had left people quickly cleaning up and assessing the damage before the next round of storms rolled in.

“Taillight here was completely taken out. Going to have to replace that whole thing,” said Aaron Schmidt, as he tallied up the hail damage to his car. “I`ve got pretty good damage on the top and across the side. Then the most interesting part, I think, is I`ve got a perfect circle in the middle of my windshield over there. That`s just crazy. I`ve never seen anything like that.”

Schmidt, an EMT on his day off, is now having to take care of some unwanted work.

“We got hit pretty hard with hail,” said Carl Long, with Coyle Emergency Management. “Right now we`re trying to get everybody that`s got windows knocked out or skylights knocked out, tarp it up, board it up, whatever you can do to keep the next round out.”