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Charges dropped against attorney who was accused of egging cars in Nichols Hills

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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. — Charges have been dropped against an Oklahoma attorney who was accused of egging cars in Nichols Hills.

On Feb. 11, an eyewitness called 911 to report the incident near the corner of Wilshire and Waverly.

The 911 caller was driving by when he reportedly saw a woman in a white shirt throwing raw eggs at parked cars.

Authorities originally told KFOR a neighbor across the street captured the whole thing on surveillance camera.

The suspect allegedly egged five cars that were legally parked in front of her parent’s million-dollar home in the 1500 block of Wilshire Ave.

According to Nichols Hills Police Chief Steven Cox, officers talked to several neighbors who confirmed the family who lives at the home has been involved in a long-standing show-down with city hall over the parking along the street in front of their home.

It is legal for cars to park on their side of the street.

Police arrested 37-year-old Kelly Hensley for the crime. Hensley is an attorney who was visiting her parent’s home on Wilshire.

Kelly Hensley mugshot

She was charged with a misdemeanor crime for “molesting a standing vehicle.”

Although Nichols Hills police say they have surveillance video of the woman throwing the eggs and an eye-witness, on May 9, an Oklahoma County judge dismissed the charges “in the best interest of justice.”

Read the court document here —Hensley Documents