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“Just disgusting,” Residents upset after cemetery mementos, items thrown in the trash

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FORT COBB, Okla. - Clay Butler couldn't believe his eyes when he checked on the grave of his great-uncle at Fort Cobb Cemetery.

He discovered American flags, crosses and fake flowers had all been thrown into a dumpster.

“Just disgusting,” he said.

Larger items like benches, flowerpots and mementos were tossed to the side near a pile of dirt.

“There's no sense of taking those off of a grave,” Butler said.

On Saturday, the Fort Cobb Cemetery Board made the decision to clean up the cemetery.

“Give people a notice. The only notice that I know of was in 2016. There was a notice on the buy, sell, trade site on the internet,” said Fairy Holdge.

Board members posted a notice on Facebook in October of 2016, telling residents they would begin removing items from the cemetery in January of 2017.

However, residents said they didn't think the board would go this far.

“You don't post it on Facebook in October and say, 'In January, it's going to be done.' It's wrong,” Holdge said.

NewsChannel 4 attempted to contact a few members on the Fort Cobb Cemetery Board but never heard back.

A city employee showed up at the cemetery but drove away once she saw our camera.

NewsChannel 4 even went to City Hall, where we were directed to a list of names of members of the Cemetery Board. As soon as we attempted to take a look at the list, a city worker tore the list off the door and walked away.

Butler said people just want to see the board do a better job communicating with them.

“It's simple. Be more respectful,” Butler said.

The Ski Boy Drive Inn in Fort Cobb has a few mementos. The staff is urging people to stop by and see if their items are there.