Oklahoma boy searching for a family who will spend time with him

OKLAHOMA CITY - It has been years since 11-year-old Kianady has had a home-cooked breakfast.

"Pancakes, waffles, chocolate pancakes, chocolate waffles," Kianady says, listing off some of his favorite breakfast foods.

He says he has been living in a group home for at least two years.

While he enjoys the holidays, those special dates are spent with more than a dozen other boys.

This social and expressive child wants to find a family to call his own in a more stable environment.

"Because I want to have lots of fun with a family," he said.

When he gets older, he hopes to pursue a career in the kitchen.

"A cook at IHOP,” Kianady said. "They have good food and I want to cook some."

For the more recent future, he is just hoping for a family that will spend time with him.

"Me and my family playing games with me, like video games, or going out to eat with me," he said.

Visit http://www.okdhs.org/ for more information on adopting a child or call (405) 767-2955.

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