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“I know I had angels,” Woman trapped after tornado hits home describes miracle

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ELK CITY, Okla. -  One woman credits angels for saving her life when a tornado hit her home on Tuesday evening.

As a tornado crept closer to her home, Karen Snyder said she didn't panic.

"I never felt scared. I said my prayers and I believe I'm here for a reason," Snyder said.

A rumble from Mother Nature alerted her to the fact that storms were headed her way.

"As I got out here, I realized it was that still feeling and I could hear the roar. And I couldn't tell if it was a train or the hail. But I thought either way, it's not good so I better get back in there," she said.

Snyder has lived in her home for 22 years and has her springtime routine memorized.

"Get in the bathroom," Snyder says. "That's where I always go."

However, this storm was far from routine.

"I no more than got the door shut until I started hearing crashing and I thought my windows are going out, and I opened the door and I saw two-by-fours and I don't know what all and I don't think I sat down. I think it threw me down," she said.

It wasn't long until two people were by her side.

"She was a storm chaser. A guy and her were the first ones to come talk to me," Snyder recalled.

She says they were the first ones to discover what she says describes as a miracle.

"And she said, 'Well, here's the little angel that came to take care of you'," says Snyder. "It was by my foot and this had been by the patio, and it was right by my feet, intact, so I know I had angels."

Snyder was trapped under the rubble of what was left of her home and her leg was pinned under a pipe.

Fire crews were able to rescue her and took her to nearby hospital for treatment.

Snyder says she got stitches on one leg and was released.