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“It was really a strange feeling,” Elk City tornado captured on business surveillance video

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ELK CITY, Okla. - We're getting a closer look at what some of these people watched just as they were taking shelter.

One resident in Elk City said as the storm rolled in, something just didn't feel right.

"It was eery all day yesterday. It was really a strange feeling," said James Redd. "I could feel it in the air. Then it let up. Then the wind continued to hit."

Redd watched the storm from about 800 yards away.

"The wind stopped. The trees just came to a dead standstill as far as waving and then picked up and the wind hit viciously then," he said.

The sky started circling and surveillance video from his business up the road shows it all play out.

"Then we started to see the clouds circling and also an updraft. Then it just formed and continued to circle and basically from there it turned into a rain wrapped to where we couldn't even see it anymore," Redd said.

The power was knocked out and visibility was limited.

"It was just a white out as far as rain. You couldn't see anything," he said.

And once the storm was over, Redd made a discovery Wednesday morning.

"I even had a new baby calf during the storm," he said. "He was up and running around. We could call him Twister."