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Man who died in Elk City tornado tried getting out of storm’s path

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ELK CITY, Okla. - Everybody knew 53-year-old Gene 'Bo' Mikles. He was well-known and well-liked.

Bo grew up along the Beckham county roads, but even the familiar back roads he knew so well couldn't get him out of mother nature's path.

"One of his neighbors saw him headed north just before the storm. We believe he was headed to seek shelter. At some point, he apparently came back," said Beckham County Sheriff Derek Manning.

But, nobody knows why. Calls to his phone went unanswered and, when neighbors saw his mobile home was blown away, they contacted the sheriff's office.

They found his truck carried away and tossed in a pasture not far away from his home.

"We found Mr. Mikles in the pasture between where his house was and where the pickup was located. It appears, for whatever reason, he came back. We don't know if he forgot something or what his reason was that he came back to the house, but he didn't get back out of the path of the storm in time," Manning said. "There has been a lot of concern expressed for the family."

NewsChannel 4 briefly spoke with Bo's family and friends.

They tell us he was found by a family member.